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Carol Robertson

I have been Company Secretary for Mike Robertson Associates Ltd since 2002 and Finance Director since 2017 and I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the company ensuring that everything runs smoothly including the Company's Finances, Accounts, Compliance and Human Resources. I have recently started a creative writing course to enhance my blogging skills. I am also an avid genealogist and have just taken up photography. I love long-haul travelling and have travelled extensively throughout India. I have dived in many places including Sharm el Sheik, Bali and Turkey. I have also done Paragliding in Turkey, parasailing in South Africa and white water rafting in Bali too!
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“Lifestyle” – just what I wanted

Many people often talk about ‘looking forward to Retiring’ and having the Lifestyle to do what they want to do.  But what does that mean to you? 

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How To Fall In Love With Your Finances


Valentine’s day gives us the opportunity to cherish and nurture our romantic relationships but there is probably another significant relationship in your life that you are ignoring – the one with your finances.

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Are You Suffering From The Post-Christmas January Blues?


Well, we have all managed to survive the onslaught of Christmas – buying all the presents, food and drink; that secret stash of chocolates, alcohol and ‘smellies’ hidden in the bottom of the cupboard indeed came in handy when unexpected guests...

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Preparation is key to a debt-free Christmas - there's still time!


The 25th of June is indeed an auspicious date. Why?  It’s exactly six months away from Christmas day! In America, it's also known as “Christmas is Expensive Awareness Day!”

Every year we promise ourselves that we won’t fall into the same trap:...

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