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Are you concerned about recent stock market fluctuations?

You may have seen concern in the news about the negative impact of the Coronavirus on the stock market. Most of us have investments, even if we don’t realise it, one of the most common being a pension. So, should you be worried, and what next...

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Beware of DVLA scams

New figures from the DVLA show a 20% increase in reported scams, with 1,538 reports made to the agency in the last three months of 2019. Here’s what to be aware of and tips for protecting yourself from fraudsters.

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Make a change week 2: Setting goals

Goals. You’ve probably heard of them. There those things everyone says you need to have for a successful life. However, most of us just never get around to properly defining them, which can lead to us going aimlessly round in circles and not...

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Student finance applications for 2020/21 now open

Applications for 2020/21 student finance is now open. Full-time undergraduate students in England can now apply for grants and loans to help with their higher education costs.

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