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Support Your Wellbeing

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Many of us are working from home or have been furloughed or working reduced hours. This could be putting an added strain on all our lives but there are many ways you can protect your emotional and physical wellbeing. Here are some suggestions that you may like to try.

Research has shown that doing an act of kindness once a week for six weeks is associated with an increase in wellbeing. Just thanking someone or smiling at them is a form of giving which creates connections with others.

Although we’re all observing social distancing, another way you can give back is by volunteering. So if you want to do your bit for society, here are 3 ideas for helping those in need right now.

  • Volunteer at your local food bank.
  • Virtual volunteering is also possible with The Mix - the UK’s only fully-digital help service for young people.
  • If you’re concerned about how older people who are self-isolating are coping, onHand is another great way to help.

Learn something new

If you’re working from home or have been furloughed, you may well have found yourself with a couple of extra hours a day now that you’re not commuting,  Why not challenge yourself by picking up a new hobby, gain a new skill that will keep your mind active and give you a sense of purpose. This might be DIY, learning a new language, baking, trying out new recipes or learning to draw.

If you have enough hobbies, why not add to your CV or do some training - there are plenty of short courses and tutorials available online, some of which are free. The important thing to remember is that when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones and learn something new, we add to our greater sense of fulfilment in life.

Connect with friends and family

Evidence shows that feeling close to and valued by others, whether at home, work, school or in the local community, is a basic human need. So connecting with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours is essential to our wellbeing.

The benefit of this is that you form a set of connections that will support and enrich you and others on a daily basis. Use technology like Zoom, FaceTime or Houseparty to maintain your connections with people during this time.

Do something you enjoy

It’s important that you remember that whatever you do, it should  always  make you feel good and support your physical and mental wellbeing , So whether that’s  going for a brisk walk, learning a new language or keeping in touch with friends, enjoy your time and stay safe.


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