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Get university ready with our student money saving tips

As a student, you're probably trying to spend as little as possible. Get university ready with our student money-saving tips.

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How much will university really cost?

Do you know how much university will really cost? How are you going to pay for your child’s education? Although nine out of ten students have a student loan (or plan to have one), only 26% think they will be able to pay it back. So, how do your...

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11 Tips on how to financially prepare for university

Starting university can be an exciting time, but it can also be a little daunting. This may be the first time you are financially responsible for yourself. You probably haven’t had to budget your money before or think about what your spending and...

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What you need to know about student finance



Most students wanting to go on to higher education will have to apply for student finance to help fund their studies. As a student or a parent, it is important to understand how a student loan works so that you can be financially prepared. To...

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