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Buying a new car using finance

According to the Finance and Leasing Association (F.L.A), 91.2% of all new car registrations in 2018 were financed by F.L.A members, meaning people took motor finance out to fund the purchase of a new car. This totalled £45.9bn borrowed in 2018...

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Life Centred Planners - the Alternative Financial Advisers

You may be wondering what is a Life Centred Planner and how are we different from other traditional Financial Advisers? Let’s take a look.

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MRA Money September/October 2016


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What is a Lifestyle Financial Planner?


Lifestyle Financial Planning is about helping you to move beyond the traditional concepts of wealth. Some call it ‘marrying your money to your meaning.’

As Lifestyle Financial Planners we will ask you more challenging questions. Questions...

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