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Planning ahead to save money and create the life you want



Financial success and planning go hand in hand. Here we have outlined the different ways in which you can improve your financial situation by being prepared.


Know yourself

The first type of planning to start with is the kind that will...

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5 reasons why routine is good for your finances


Why is routine good for your finances? We all have a daily routine, even if it’s as basic as getting up at a specific time, brushing our teeth, having a shower and getting ready for the day. You do many of these things without even thinking...

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Pay yourself first and save money


Do you start every month with good intentions of saving some of your income or topping up your emergency fund, but at the end of the month, there seems to be nothing left? One solution is to pay yourself first before everything else gets paid....

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How to change your attitude to money


If you find yourself in a muddle with your finances or hiding from looking at them all together, then you probably know that your attitude to money may need to change. But it isn’t always simple, and straightforward, there’s a process you need...

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