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No Work, Exotic Holidays - What Would You Do If You Could Retire Tomorrow?


Imagine you woke up this morning and you were retired. Is it a comforting thought, maybe even exciting that you wouldn’t have to go to work anymore. What would your life look like?


Your health

While your body may not be as lithe as it was in...

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Gender Pay Gap - It's Affecting Your Pension Too!

You are probably aware of the gender pay gap and may even be feeling some of the effects of it in your own life. However, according to research carried out by Aegon it could also have a significant impact on your pension.


Men have 3 times more...

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Britain's Ageing Workforce (Infographic)

As UK life expectancy rises, workforce demographics are changing rapidly – bringing a whole range of problems for businesses to face. So, what does Britain's ageing workforce look like?

You can find out more about planning for your retirment and...

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Are The Under Forties Investing In Property Over Pensions?


Traditionally people have paid into a pension fund during their working life with the hope of building up enough money to provide themselves with a good income when they retire. However, a survey carried out by Commercial Trust Limited...

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