Welcome to the Mike Robertson Associates Ltd Life Centred Planning Blog. Here we share tips on how you might be able to make changes to your lifestyle and making plans for the future.

Financial Planning: Guide to Cashflow Modelling


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Benefits of Life Centred Financial Planning

Ever wondered what the benefits of Life Centred Financial Planning are? Take a look at our infographic.

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Preparing for your successor

Handing over a business that you created and built is a daunting prospect. It can be even more challenging if you are passing it down the family to a younger generation that will take the reins. To help with a smooth transition, here are our tips...

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Building a succession plan for success


The longevity of a business can be put at risk if you don’t effectively manage your succession planning. Loss of key staff or directors can cause investors to lose faith, stock values to fall, other employees to leave due to uncertainty and...

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