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Business Relief for Inheritance Tax

Do you know if your business would be eligible for Business Relief to reduce the Inheritance Tax liability when you die? Here’s what you need to know so you can plan your estate effectively.

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Finding a Financial Advisor you can trust

Once you have decided to seek financial advice, you then have the task of finding the right Financial Advisor for you. It can be an overwhelming process, especially as you may not have any financial knowledge to base your decision on. Here are...

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What is insolvency and what are the options?

In the 12 months ending Q2 2019, 1 in 382 adults became insolvent. In just Q2 of 2019 alone, 30,937 people entered into either bankruptcy (4,228), a debt relief order (6,752) or an individual voluntary arrangement (19,956). So, what do the...

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Passing on your wealth

Have you discussed with your family what the plans are for either your wealth or what others plan to do with their money when they die? Estate planning is not something commonly talked about, those who might receive the money don’t want to be...

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