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What do you need to save for a 'moderate' retirement income?

How much have you got saved for retirement so far? What will that provide you with as an income? Where are all your pensions? At what age could you claim your private pension?

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How to protect yourself from Direct Debit fraud

At this time of year, many of us are starting to prepare for the festive season, buying gifts and signing up for things. With more transactions leaving your bank account it could be easy to miss a fraudulent direct debit payment that has been set...

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FCA announces new rules to free 'mortgage prisoners'

New rules from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) could help to free people who are stuck in their current mortgage and remove the barriers that are stopping them from getting a better deal.

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How to protect yourself from the gender pay gap

According to the equality charity, The Fawcett Society, it will take 62 years to close the gender pay gap at the current rate. Potentially having a significant effect on the finances of women. So what can you do to financially protect yourself...

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