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How to stay motivated for a successful life


Do you find it hard to stay motivated? Here are a few tricks to help you stop procrastinating and start achieving your goals for the day.


  1. Get the excitement back

Life can’t always be an endless stream of brilliant opportunities and exciting...

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Planning ahead to save money and create the life you want



Financial success and planning go hand in hand. Here we have outlined the different ways in which you can improve your financial situation by being prepared.


Know yourself

The first type of planning to start with is the kind that will...

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Where to start with employee benefits (and why)


For SMEs, the balance between boosting the bottom line and ensuring employees are paid fairly is something of a tightrope.

Margins can be smaller than for larger enterprises, so the question of how to keep both financial equity and employee...

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Fun things to do this summer on a budget


With school holidays on the horizon, you might be wondering how you are going to entertain the kids and not spend a fortune. Take a look at our list of great budget-friendly activities to do this Summer:


  1. Go to the park

Sounds simple, but...

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