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The future called - it's time to sort out your finances!


Have your finances got out of control? Are you putting your head in the sand about your situation or do you keep procrastinating about getting back on top of your money? Well, the future called, and it’s time to sort out your finances.

If you...

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Money flows where your attention goes


You may have heard the phrase ‘money flows where your attention goes’, but is there any truth in it? To achieve results in our personal life, career or finances, you need to be focused on what you really want.

When you create a clear vision of...

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Supporting employees with disabled children


Almost 1 in 10 children in the UK have a disability. However, parents are often not given the support they need at work. A report by Working Families, the work-life balance charity, found that 4 out of 10 parents of disabled children are...

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How To Have A DIY Christmas and Save Money


If you are on a budget this year or just don't want to participate in the commercialism of the Christmas season, then having a DIY Christmas could be the answer. Here are a few ways you can add that individual touch to your festive celebrations:

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