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How can minimalism help your finances?


We’ve all heard of minimalism, we may even have tried to implement it in some areas of our life. Maybe you decluttered the bathroom or got rid of unwanted children’s toys. But how can we utilise minimalism to improve our finances?

Saving money...

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What is peer to peer lending?


Have you heard of about peer to peer lending? Not sure what it is? Read on to understand all you need to know about this type of investment.


What’s Peer to Peer Lending?

Essentially, peer to peer lending is an investment - learn more about...

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When do you need a Lasting Power of Attorney?


You have probably heard about Lasting Power of Attorney, but how do you know if you need one and when should you consider putting one in place?


What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

It’s a legal document that allows you to appoint...

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Should there be more individuality in employee benefits?


When it comes to employee benefits, it seems that while companies might think they are offering value to their employees, workers often feel that the benefits on offer do not meet their needs or fall in line with their lifestyle goals.


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