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Adult Dependency Increase ending - what to do next

If you currently receive the Adult Dependency Increase to top up your state pension, you need to be aware that this payment will end in April 2020. Don’t be caught out, start planning now and see if you are eligible for alternative benefits to...

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Could taking a mini-retirement be the answer?


If you’re feeling stressed or like your life seems to have gone in a different direction than you would have liked, then taking a mini-retirement might be one option to help re-align your lifestyle with the person you truly are. It can be a...

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5 things to do now that your future self will thank you for


You always imagine that you will be financially better off in the future. That you will have learnt from your financial mistakes. But none of that will happen if you don’t make changes today. Here are 5 things you can do now that your future...

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Refired Not Retired

Today is Refired Not Retired Day. Never heard of it? Well, if you are nearing retirement or have already finished work, then you may want to get on board with this idea.

Do you imagine retirement to be a gateway to a less active lifestyle,...

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