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Finances After Divorce


During a relationship breakdown, you are very focused on the present and what is happening now. You may not always be thinking about life after the divorce and the financial impact, both positive and negative. It is crucial to plan ahead for...

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Divorce and Finances


Indicators on separation or divorce regularly reveal a spike in the number of people splitting between the end of December and throughout January.  Divorce happens during the rest of the year, but there is rarely one single remote event that...

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Pensions - One of Your Largest Divorce Assets


When considering divorce then one of the things most people are thinking about is how to split their finances and deal with substantial assets, such as the family home. However, it could actually be the value of a pension that is a couple’s...

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When The Spark Goes Out - The Financial Impact Of Divorce


It was all great in the beginning and you probably never even thought about the potential impact on your finances your relationship could have. However, if you are now experiencing a relationship breakdown, then one of the things you may be...

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