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IFA vs Lifestyle Financial Planner.


A Life Centred or Lifestyle Financial Planner is a new concept. Most people are familiar with people called 'Independent Financial Advisers, or IFA, for short'. 

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When Should I Call My Financial Advisor?

So, you made the leap to seek financial advice, and things were all rosy, but now you have a few decisions to make, and you’re not sure whether to bother contacting your financial advisor or not. Would you be wasting their time or is it better to...

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How neurodiversity in the workplace can benefit your business



When businesses consider diversity, they may automatically think about the gender and ethnic background of their workforce. However, having employees who are also neurodiverse can have significant benefits for your business.

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Let's talk about money!


If you are in a relationship, you may find one of the most common things you fight about with your partner is money. While this can be frustrating it can also be avoided, here are our tips for a harmonious relationship with your finances and...

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