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Trepidation and fear of driving unassisted

63% of the world’s population are vehicle drivers, the majority being 17-year-olds, aiming to kick off their first bid, for self-reliance.

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Enlightened by daughter on holiday

The alarm unceremoniously wakes us at 3:00 am; the annual pilgrimage to our house in Cognac, France has started!! It’s the chance for us all as a family to spend some real quality time together; chillax (my daughter’s phrase!) and maybe enjoy the...

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Average cost of raising a child 0-21

There have been many figures regarding the average cost of raising a child in the UK.  You often hear couples say “we will start a family when we can afford to”.  Although, if they understood the cost implications, perhaps they wouldn’t. Figures...

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Staycation or holiday abroad, cost!

Would you want a less stressful holiday?

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